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    MY GED LIVE is dedicated to helping you to pass the GED Test. Our website is designed to be simple, focused and affordable.

    We specialize in workbooks - available in digital or hardcopy versions - that build your basic skills and word problem skills so that you can complete the higher level GED questions required to gain the passing score of 145.

    Our courses include step-by-step video tutorials, worksheets and practice test that get you ready for test day.

    GED Math Algebra Readiness Test
    We are specifically committed to helping students overcome algebra. Algebra makes up 55% of GED Math Test content is the number one reason why students fail the GED Math Test. We provide a free practice GED Math Algebra Readiness Test with video explanations of each question at the end of the test. Simply copy and paste this link in your browser search bar:

    MY GED LIVE is led by GED Teacher Damon Tinnon. GED Teacher Damon Tinnon is a credentialed Adult Education Teacher in the State of California. Since 2001, Tinnon has helped hundreds of his local students pass the GED Math Test and tens of thousands through his online classes and You Tube channel (  

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