JULY 2021 - Why basic math before GED Math?

July 20, 2021

When you think about it, math always comes down to the basics. Let's look at the example below - it is an algebra problem that would get most people stuck.

3x + 15 = 45 - 2x

Step one - we need to combine like terms which are 3x and -2x and 15 and 45 - we combine like terms by doing the opposite operation

We'll start with combining 3x and -2x. The opposite operation of -2x is +2x. So we add 2x to each side. That gets rid of 2x on the right side of the equal sign and combines it with 3x on left side of the equal sign.

3x + 15 = 45 - 2x

+2x                +2x

Can it get anymore basic than that - 3 +2!!

That's why we're focusing on the basics in the GED Super Math Course. That's why you need to join us - we're doing the the things that will actually help you pass the GED Math Test - not just watching endless videos on You Tube!

New Tool!

Yesterday I shared a tool with you that I sent to my GED Super Math Course students last week. In case you missed it, here it is: https://h-vd.io/eXJOxl6k

PS - I will finish the problem off in tomorrow's email.

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