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JUNE 2021 - I Want to Be Your GED Teacher

June 18, 2021

Today is June 18. You have 12 days to lock in the $15 one time fee before the course goes to a monthly subscription of $10/month. TODAY is the day - enroll now! CLICK HERE to enroll.


The best way for me to help you pass the GED Math Test is for you to join me in the GED Super Math Course. You will have access to the ten lessons you need to pass the GED Math Test PLUS Ten video bonus lessons with worksheets PLUS the GED Math Practice Test that predicts your score!

On top of that - you will get Weekly Interactive Assignments that focus you on what you need to be doing each week to have success!

  • Short videos covering specific skill and word/analytical problems
  • Follow-up questions that get summited directly to me
  • Upload link so that you can take pictures of your work and upload it to the assignment so I can see where you are strong and where you need help
I have taught in the classroom since 2001 and have taught online since 2009. I have had over 1.6 million view on my You Tube channel (not bad for a local GED Teacher). I have literally been a part of tens of thousands of student's success in small and large ways. I have put out hundreds of worksheets, many practice tests and other tools "out there on the internet" - for free.

But at the end of the day, I am most motivated by working directly with students who need my help - not just anonymous people downloading my content because it's free. I will probably always share free content "out there in the internet" because it is a way for people to find out about me and a way to help people along the way - and that's important. However, I will be focusing my time and energy on students in the course.

If this sounds good to you and you want:

  • A real GED Teacher reviewing your work each week and pointing you to the next steps
  • Access to small group and one-to-one tutoring that
  • A real path to GED success

then let me be your GED Teacher and click on the button below and enroll in the course!


Damon Tinnon

GED Teacher

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